-About Us –

Established in 1983, as a proudly South African company manufacturing and marketing synthetic lubricants, Habot Oil was the first blend plant of its type in South Africa, with a complete state-of-the-art production facility dedicated to blending a full range of synthetic lubricants for the South African and global market.

Habot Oil offers a full range of Group II, Group III, Group IV/V based lubricants, food grade lubricants (based on renewable and biodegradable performance base oils), general and commercial aviation lubricants as well as a full range of marine, military aviation and defense lubricants.

– Contact us –

Address: 11 Noble Street, Industria West,

Roodepoort, Gauteng, 2093

South Africa

Phone:  +27 (0) 86 142 2686

Fax: +27 (0) 86 668 5376

Email: enquiries@habot.co.za